New Survey Reveals 99% of Visitors are Highly Satisfied with Medellin

I recent survey carried out by the Ministry of Tourism between October and November last year revealed that Medellin ranks higher than just about any other city in the world for tourist satisfaction and confirms Medellin’s position as one of the most important tourist destinations in Colombia.

Medellin is currently the third most visited destination in Colombia after Bogota and Cartagena, attracting around 11% of foreigners who visit the country.


Below are the complete results to the survey in English.

1. 63% of the surveyed were between 25 and 44 years old
2. 71% of the surveyed were men.
3. 50% are from Central and South America, 25% are from Europe and 20% from North America
4. 55% of the surveyed answered that the reason of their trip was rest and tourism. It is important to notice that this percentage is in that way because 94% of the surveys were made in touristic places and only 6% in hotels.
5. 55% of the surveyed stayed in Medellin more than 4 days.
6. 46% of the surveyed arrived to Medellin directly and 34% arrived through Bogota.
7. Before arriving to Medellin the surveyed visited: Cartagena 26%, Bogota 23%, Cali 16%, Santa Marta 13% and Manizales 10%.
8. For the 69% of the surveyed it was their first visit to Medellin.
9. 33% of the surveyed said that they chose to come to Medellin for the references given by friends and relatives
10. 99% of the surveyed said that they leave Medellin with a high degree of satisfaction.
11. 85% of the surveyed said that the services offer in Medellin is very good
12. 95% of the surveyed said that there is a high probability that they recommend Medellin to their friends and relatives.
13. 95% of the surveyed said that they are going to visit Medellin again, and from that 95%, 40% said that they are going to visit Medellin the next year.
14. 58% of the surveyed stayed in a hotel or an apartments, 28% in a friend’s house and 13% in a hostel.
15. 92% of the surveyed said that the accommodation offer was very good
16. 68% of the surveyed had previous tourist information about Medellin.
17. 47% of the surveyed said that the information that they got about the city was provided by a friend, 17% by WebPages and 15% due previous trips.
18. 95% of the surveyed used Medellin public transport
19. 92% of the surveyed used Taxi, and 86% used the Metro system.
20. 95% of the surveyed said that the public transport in Medellin is very efficient.
21. Los 4 lugares visitados por el 50% ò + de los encuestados fueron en su orden, el Metro, Plaza Botero, El parque lleras y el Parque Explora (Acuario). More than 50% of the surveyed visited the Metro, Plaza Botero, Parque Lleras and Parque Explora (aquarium).
22. 52% of the surveyed said that the average expenses in a day without including accommodation and food was between 1USD and 50 USD and 28% said that was between 51 USD and 100USD.
23. What visitors like more about the city is: its kind people, its weather, the mountains and its beautiful people.
24. What visitors do not like about the city is: the traffic jams, the homeless people, the crime and the lack of tourist information stands in the streets.
25. They suggest to the tourism authorities, more tourism information stands, more security, more information, English speaking guides and less homeless people.
26. 86% of the visitors have a professional title or more.

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