Medellin’s Mining Boom Brings the World Mining Expo to Town, 2012

The Colombian mining industry remains one of the most dynamic and promising sectors of the country, in just one year mining investment has reached record figures in excess of 2,000 million dollars and the trend in the short term will continue.

This sector contributes to the economic growth and social development of the country and the development of the regions where the mining activity is located. In addition this contribution to social and environmental development of the country is higher than the industry average.

This year again, Medellin presents the VII INTERNATIONAL MINING SHOW – COLOMBIA MINING 2012, in association with the Colombian mining sector and of course with their main representatives: producers, suppliers, traders, investors, mining institutions and academia, in an ideal place to the information exchange and trade integration.

The Mining Show offers an exhibition area greater than 1.882 m2, with over 170 booths available in the white, yellow and blue Pavilions at Exhibition Palace – Plaza Mayor in the city of Medellin – Colombia. And additional for this year, we have fitted out the Blue Pavillon for the International companies from our 6 guest countries (Canada, Australia, South Korea, Germany, Chile and Poland). Therefore, we invite you to have a presence with your company from October 17th until the 19th, 2012.

This year, both First American Realty and The Apartment Medellin will have a both in the Yellow Pavillion

Location: Medellín, Colombia


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