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Flowers of MedellinDid you know that Colombia is the country with the most species of amphibians, the country with the most variety of palms, it has the biggest emerald mine in the world, it’s the number one producer of different flowers spicies? Know more about Colombia, know the ABC’s our country.



  • Area: Equivalent to Spain, France and Portugal together.
  • Amphibians #1 in the world with 583 species
  • Air Security: Advises five countries in aerial security matters. Among the top ten in air security in the world.


  • Banana: #3 producer in the world
  • Best Spanish: Colombians speak the best Spanish in all Latin America.
  • Biodiversity #3 in the world, #1 per square meter.
  • Butterflies #2 in number of species in the world, 3,000 families and 14,000 species.
  • Birds #1 in number of species in the world, holds 20% of bird species in the world- 1,815 species.
  • Biking Trails: Largest network of urban, paved biking trails in Latin America.
  • Botero: One of the most prestigious artists in the world.


  • Cannes: Golden Cannes award in publicity.
  • Carlos Vives: #1 in Latin Billboard.
  • Carnations #1 in the world
  • Creativity – one of our secret weapons
  • Coal Fourth largest producer
  • Coffee- Third largest producer and one of the most recognized brands in the world.
  • Conflict resolution: A Colombian solved the largest dispute in the history of the International Chamber of Commerce (between Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting) a dispute of over 1 billion USD.
  • Clothing: 70-85% of Children Polo Shirts are made in Colombia. Colombia is the largest producer of Adidas Sports Clothing in the World. 100% of Children stockings in Macy´s, Burdines and Bloomingdales are Colombian.


  • Democracy: Oldest democracy in Latin America
  • Design: Sylvia Tcherassi, Best “New Generation” Latin American Fashion designers (2001).


  • Emeralds #1 in the world
  • Export of agricultural products to the US (#2 in Latin America)
  • Economic growth – 70 years, except in 1999.


  • Flowers #1 in the world
  • Frogs #1 in the world
  • Fresh water fish – #2 in the world


  • Guadua: First producer (Bambusa Angustifolia variety).
  • Gold museum and mining, most important gold museum in the world.
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Nobel Prize Laureate – World record in sales of a book (32 copies in 50 languages)


  • Health: Fourth country in the world in terms of investments in health as a percentage of GDP
  • Human bones #1 exporter in the world.


  • Impeccable debt payment record
  • Inventions – Hakim valve, contact lenses for babies, pacemaker, gas-powered Iron.
  • Indian Tribes – 80 – cultural diversity


  • Juan Pablo Montoya: World Champion Formula CART / Formula One racer.
  • Jungle in the Amazons, the lung of the world.


  • Kogis – oldest Indian tribe in the planet.


  • Largest gold deposits in South America.
  • Largest open pit coal mine in the world
  • Largest peace march in the history of humanity (11 million people)
  • Leadership: Colombians hold leadership positions in multinationals worldwide (Microsoft, NASA, Pepsi, Motorola, etc).
  • Longest coast on the Caribbean
  • Loyal work force – one of our secret weapons
  • Lingerie: Third manufacturer in the world.


  • María Isabel Urrutía: Only South American to win Olympic Gold in Weightlifting.
  • Machetes: Largest exporter of laminated machetes.
  • Medicine: First caesarian surgery in Latin America.
  • Midpoint between North and South America
  • Maloka: seven countries have asked for assistance in setting up Malokas.
  • Mammals: Fouth in species – 456 species.
  • Museum of Antioquia: 300,000 visitors in the first four months, 80% of which had never been to a museum.


  • NASA´s Neurociences director: Rodolfo Llinas
  • Nanotechnology: Andrés Jaramillo Botero a pioneer in research on this field and one of 2,000 most influential scientists of the 20th Century.
  • Nickel Fourth producer in the world.


  • Oil estimated 37 billion barrels potential reserves
  • Orchids – largest number of species – 3500 types (Priciest Exotic Flower in the World)
  • Orbit: Strategically located in a geostationary orbit making telecommunications cheaper.


  • Palm oil: 4th largest production and #1 in variety.
  • Plants: #2 in the world
  • Population: #2 in South America (44 million) .
  • Potatoes: #1 in Latin America
  • Poultry – largest open ventilation incubator in the world
  • Publishing: # 1 publishing house in Spanish in Latin America.


  • Quality manufacturing: 70-85% of Children Polo Shirts are made in Colombia and the largest producer of Adidas Sportswear in the World.


  • Raspberries: Second largest producer in the world.
  • Reforestation powerhouse potential: A tree in Colombia grows three times faster than in Chile, a leader in the industry.
  • Reptiles: #3 in species
  • Refractive Surgery: #1 in the world.
  • Resilience: One of our secret weapons.
  • Roses: #1 in the world


  • Shakira: #1 in Latin Billboard (#6 in US).
  • Skating: World leader, Cecilia Baena five-time World Champion.
  • Snow-capped mountain by the ocean- Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
  • Smarts – highest grades in doctoral candidates in the US
  • Seventy years of positive economic growth
  • Soccer: America’s Cup Champions, First woman to be a referee in an Olympic soccer game.
  • Stamp Collection: Only country to earn two Olympic medals.
  • Sugar: world leader in productivity.


  • Trade agreements (50% of Colombia´s exports enter its markets duty-free


  • Unesco – Cartagena World Heritage
  • Universities of the highest caliber in Latin America. 88% Literacy rate.
  • Urban population – 22 cities with > 100k; 8 with > 500k


  • Vaccine against malaria discovered by Manuel Elkin Patarroyo.
  • Vehicles and spare parts: major global supplier for GM twice.
  • Volatility: lowest in Latin America
  • Visits to a public library #1 in the world, Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogotá.
  • Vibrant people- one of our secret weapons


  • Water – Fourth producer in the world, 4,500 basins; 1,200 rives; 1,600 lakes and 1,900 swamps.
  • Women’s underwear: #3 in the world.
  • Work ethic – one of our secret weapons.


  • Xport promotion – #3 in exports promotion in the top 59 economies in the world. # 17 in exports growth worldwide.


  • Young, hard-working population
  • Yucca – 70 species, world leaders in research and development.


  • Zeal: a passionate and strong-willed people: one of our secret weapons.

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